Picking Colors, Fonts, and Taglines

After asking ChatGPT for website help I was incredibly excited to get the ball rolling: it gave me a step-by-step plan for quickly building a revenue-generating product and within a few minutes I was off to the races. There was lots of work to be done, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and for me that meant getting some clarification on ChatGPT’s vague directions.

In hopes of getting the best response, I much of its own verbage back into my questions, compelling it to continue its train of thought:

Although I knew it wouldn’t take long for ChatGPT to respond, I wanted to keep it in the loop, assuming the details might be used to forge our path ahead. ChatGPT expounded upon these follow-up questions with a long list of suggestions that can be summed up by these action items:

  • Pick a color scheme
  • Choose fonts
  • Put an input field in the middle of the site
  • Add a tagline and CTA (call to action)

I could have asked ChatGPT to convert their suggestions into a list of action-items, but my brain was ahead of my fingers and I was already feeding the AI follow-up questions to generate recommendations for color schemes, fonts, and taglines.

Color Schemes

I admittedly took the wheel for the basic black & white color theme, wholeheartedly believing that the Eightball “brand” leads to that obvious conclusion. ChatGPT agreed but was quick to suggest very specific secondary colors, showcased below.

Here is the list of color schemes that ChatGPT suggested:

  1. Blue: #0077B6 (Medium Blue), #00B4D8 (Sky Blue), #CAF0F8 (Light Blue)
  2. Purple: #7209B7 (Medium Purple), #A663CC (Lavender), #D9BFFF (Light Purple)
  3. Green: #52B788 (Medium Green), #88D498 (Light Green), #DFFFD6 (Pale Green)


ChatGPT also had a very specific opinion on what fonts would be readable and also fit the style of Eightball:

  1. Headings: Oswald, Montserrat, or Raleway Body text: Open Sans, Lato, or Roboto
  2. Headings: Playfair Display, Merriweather, or Georgia Body text: Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana

I didn’t have Oswald, Montserrat, Raleway Body, Open Sans, Lato, or Merriweather installed in my Photoshop. For the sake of speed to market I want to pick now. That leaves no headings for the first batch which means we choose from the second batch:

  • Headings: Playfair Display, Merriweather, or Georgia
  • Body text: Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana

I like the ring of “Playfair Display” so we’ll take a look at that with Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana underneath:

My immediate reaction:

  • The “8” looks cool in PlayFair
  • I like the “Eightball in Playfair” but it does seem a bit dainty
  • Now I’m wondering what font the “8” on a typical 8-ball usually is?

So I asked ChatGPT:

ChatGPT then continued, discussing Futura in a bit more detail before suggesting these alternatives to Futura that evoke a similar feeling:

  1. Montserrat: A versatile, geometric sans-serif font that can be a great substitute for Futura.
  2. Raleway: Another geometric sans-serif typeface with a similar look to Futura but with a slightly more elegant feel.
  3. Nunito: A well-balanced sans-serif typeface, Nunito is designed as a rounded version of Futura, providing a softer appearance while maintaining the essence of the original font.

And whaddaya know, 2 of those 3 (Montserrat & Raleway) were the first fonts suggested by ChatGPT. We’ll add those to our list of action items to investigate, but for now here is that same font graphic with “Futura” used for the “8” and “Eightball”.

Not to be a hater… but I kind of like the Playfair “8” more (and the Futura text more).

The final decision can wait. Right now we need to put a placeholder on the homepage. Ultimately it would be nice for our placeholder to have a logo, a slogan, and…. -WAIT, I almost forgot the SLOGAN!


I’m not in love with any of the slogans provided by ChatGPT, but they’re better than nothing. If you haven’t used ChatGPT for yourself yet, you’ll learn that it’s a process of continual refinement.

  1. “Your AI-powered oracle: Instant answers to life’s mysteries”
  2. “The AI-guided crystal ball: Uncover the secrets of your future”
  3. “Discover the AI mystic 8-ball: Fun and insightful answers to your questions”
  4. “Ask the digital oracle: Unveil the future with AI-powered fortune-telling”
  5. “Pose your questions to the AI mystic sphere: Enlightening answers await”
  6. “The AI fortune-teller: Entertaining insights into life’s questions”

Yeah, I know… nothing mind-blowing, but that first one ain’t too shabby.

For now, we’ll go with that. It’s more important that we pick something and move onto the next step than stress over manufacturing the next “Just Do It!”. So let’s just pick it, click it, and move on.

If you want to follow our progress, find me on Twitter!