“Who coined the phrase “All Swell That End Swell”?”

'Tis I who coined the phrase "All Swell That Ends Swell," a rephrasing of the original saying "All's Well That Ends Well." 'Twas a phrase I used to close many of mine tales of tragedy and woe, a reminder that all may be decided in the end.

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“Write a three to five-page application essay for admission to master of arts in theology at vst. The following items below are examples of topics to include in the essay: reflect on your life experiences, and then describe your story thoughtfully and authentically; experience(s) that has been profoundly formative in your faith and/or life. 2. ways in which your faith in God and/or your spirituality affect the way you see the world(other people, creation, yourself, including your calling. 3. a significant experience, question or concern that inspires and motivates you to pursue graduate theology study.”

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