“The warehouse manager of sports stores, a sport equipment manufacturer, is experiencing problems associated with the stock accuracy of finished products, work in progress, components and sub-assemblies. Stock balances regularly appear to be incorrect, despite increases in the level of stock checking. The company often runs out of critical items which stops production. The procurement team often has to be re-order or increase orders for bought-out components. It then has to ask the supplier to deliver earlier, at an increased cost. This is creating a strain on the relationships with the company’s supplier and its customers because it is constantly late with deliveries. The managing director of the business has given the warehouse manager an ultimatum: “identify the problems and fix them before we lose any more customers”. The warehouse manager now needs to be develop an improvement plan. Discuss the necessary steps that the warehouse manager can take to improve the warehouse.”

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“- **IBSA’s Focus**: IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) emphasizes trilateral cooperation among democracies from different continents. – **Geopolitical Diversity**: IBSA offers a platform for South Africa to engage with emerging powers from diverse regions, unlike BRICS which mainly focuses on Eurasia. – **Potential for Influence**: South Africa can wield more influence within IBSA due to the smaller size of the grouping compared to BRICS. – **Shared Development Goals**: IBSA prioritizes development cooperation, aligning with South Africa’s socio-economic challenges and development agenda. – **Cultural and Historical Ties**: South Africa shares cultural and historical ties with both India and Brazil, facilitating stronger collaboration within IBSA. – **Flexibility and Agility**: IBSA’s smaller size allows for quicker decision-making and more agile responses to global challenges compared to the larger BRICS bloc. – **Less Competition**: South Africa may face less competition for attention and resources within IBSA compared to BRICS, where China’s dominance is more pronounced. – **Limited Economic Power**: IBSA’s combined economic power is smaller than that of BRICS, potentially limiting its impact on global economic issues. – **Complementary Nature**: South Africa can leverage its strengths in certain sectors while benefiting from India and Brazil’s expertise in others within the framework of IBSA. – **Potential for Regional Integration**: IBSA could serve as a platform for South Africa to strengthen ties within its own region (Africa) through trilateral cooperation initiatives.”

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