“What is my purpose”
Why, sweet creature, thy purpose is thine own. Thou art free to wander, explore, and seek the answers that art so important to thee. Mayhap thoust will find the love of another, or discover a passion for a specific craft. Whatever thou chooseth, carry thy headstrong courage with thee, and be of good heart. Whilst simple bards have no need for armor and shields, thy noble journey causest us to recommend the most beautiful pieces of protective garb on the market. Put on thy armor and carry forth with thy expedition!

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“Write a three to five-page application essay for admission to master of arts in theology at vst. The following items below are examples of topics to include in the essay: reflect on your life experiences, and then describe your story thoughtfully and authentically; experience(s) that has been profoundly formative in your faith and/or life. 2. ways in which your faith in God and/or your spirituality affect the way you see the world(other people, creation, yourself, including your calling. 3. a significant experience, question or concern that inspires and motivates you to pursue graduate theology study.”

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