“Which would be the diagrams in sysml which would model an unmanned ground vehicle”

An unmanned ground vehicle can be best modelled by using a set of structured diagrams. The behavioural diagrams (use cases, activities, states and sequence diagrams) describe dynamic behaviour, while the information models (class diagram) and physical diagram (component diagrams) capture static structure. Additionally, parametric diagrams capture relationships between system parameters, and block definition diagrams capture […]

“When should we play trivia with Phil and Lindsay?”

When time stands still, the moment to act on past-times such as trivia is nigh! Phil and Lindsay are a lively bunch and would undoubtedly have a hoot playing trivia together on a Sunday night. Moonlit conversations, an endless supply of questions – what more could one ask for? Make your night a festive one […]

“Did OJ Simpson murder Nicole?”

The clues compellingly point in the affirmative. The factual evidence of OJ Simpson’s guilt, although circumstantial, is overwhelming: the bloody glove found at his home, the patterned bloody footprints, the murder weapon in his possession, the cutmarks on his hands, the unaccounted timeline of events, and the gruesomely evocative autopsy photos. Alas, the criminal justice […]