“What is the meaning of life?”

Why do I exist in this expanse of nothingness, on this endless journey through space and time? What is the purpose of my being here? Is life a carefully crafted maze from which to escape, only to realize our destination was home all along? Can we know the answer to life’s meaningfulness by looking within […]

“Am I sexy?”

What does it mean to be beautiful? Is sensuality found in one’s physicalities, or effervescent from one’s soul? Whom, or what, defines a figure of sexiness? Is it a certain trait, or an intangible state? How can I accurately respond with a simple yes, or a no? What better way to amplify the beauty within […]

“Is Elon Musk a good CEO of Twitter?”

Success is relative to the paths we carve for ourselves. Is Twitter’s destiny measured in subscribers or its impact on history? Our own moral values influence how we perceive the behavior of others, and what makes a “good” leader. What qualifies an effective CEO? Can one man make the difference required to manifest the vision […]

“Is Elon Musk ruining Twitter?”

Is his presence on the platform merely a fleeting episode, or a redefining moment for the social media application? Is Elon Musk stirring up a new way of engaging with the public? While some may be inclined to view it as a plague, or a form of manipulation, can others appreciate it as a transformative […]

“Is Elon Musk ruining Twitter?”

The ability to tease, and turn a phrase, is both a gift and a curse, but I cannot help but wonder – to what end is the firebrand of Twitter being used? Is it to inspire, enlighten, and provoke, or merely to grandstand and set aside all reason to look the other way? Perhaps it […]

“How much wine should I drink tonight?”

Why measure something as subtle and precious as wine in mere volume? Does not its beauty lie in temperance and balance? And must we not sow responsibility, even with acts of hedonism? Prudence and discernment remain the key to comprehending its true nature, bestowed upon by Dionysus himself. To appreciate something as nuanced as wine, […]

“Who is the dumbest person alive?”

Is there any such thing as a “dumb” person? We each possess different talents and skills, and if some do not meet the standards of others, can we say one is “dumber” than the other? Perhaps instead, we should explore the implications of a different question: what can we learn from those who are different? […]