Pick the Best Pool Table Size for Your Room

If you’re planning to put a Pool Table in your home, make sure you measure and calculate what size table will fit. If your table is too big the gameplay will be too confined- you’ll scuff and damage your walls and frustration will quickly mount. If your table is too small, you might have buyer’s remorse.

When picking a Pool Table there are 3 size options:

  • 7 foot tables (Bar size)
  • 8 foot tables (Tournament size)
  • 9 foot tables (Professional size)

Pool sticks also come in 3 different sizes:

  • 48-inch pool cues
  • 52-inch pool cues
  • 58-inch pool cues

To calculate the minimum room size required to comfortably fit a 7-foot, 8-foot, or 9-foot pool table in your room, take the dimensions of the pool table’s playing surface and add 2X the cue length. This accounts for all three elements of finding the best pool table size for your room: table dimensions, cue length, and ample space for your back swing or stroke.

Table SizeDimensions48″ Cue52″ Cue58″ Cue
7 Foot Table78″ x 39″14’6″ x 11″315’2″ x 11’11”16’2″ x 12’11”
8 Foot Table88″ x 44″15’4″ x 11’8″16′ x 12’4″17′ x 13’4″
9 Foot Table100″ x 50″16’4″ x 12’2″17′ x 12’10”18′ x 13’10”
Cue Times Two Method

What size pool cue is best for each table size?

In most cases, adults will want to select 58-inch cue sticks, shorter adults will want to select 52-inch cue sticks, and kids will want 48-inch cue sticks or under. These are the 3 most common size pool sticks but you can find cues as short as 36-inches and as large as 62-inches.

To accommodate multiple heights and ages, consider buying a variety of cue lengths and weights. Shorter sticks can also come in handy when maneuvering challenging obstructions, for example support beams in basements.

7-Foot Pool Tables

The most popular size pool table is the 7-foot pool table, considered “Bar Size” due to its common appearance in bars, restaurants, and clubs. This is also the size you should choose for your home if:

  • You’re already familiar playing on Bar Size pool tables
  • You’ve got limited space in your room
  • You’ve got young players and beginners

If you’ve played on larger tables before, you might feel gameplay on a 7-foot table is more congested, but the average person will prefer the smaller size because it’s more accessible to a wider variety of people. That’s why 7-foot tables are perfect for families and folks who love to entertain.

8-Foot Pool Tables

Halfway between “Bar Size” and “Professional Size” is the 8-Foot “Tournament” Table, named so for its frequent use in amateur tournaments. The extra distance provides a roomier experience that skilled pool players will enjoy, without the exhausting demands a full 9-foot table can sometimes require.

Eight foot tables are often called “Home Pool Tables” but we discourage use of that term: it perpetuates the misnomer that 7-Foot tables are kid-size in favor of selling larger tables at a higher price. Although it’s true that 7-foot tables are more kid-friendly, they’re certainly not just for kids.

Be careful with 8-Foot tables: if you’re used to playing on Bar Size tables you may find it difficult switching between the two and the extra foot can make all the difference in a small room… and not in a good way.

9-Foot Pool Tables

Professional players will prefer a 9-foot table because it’s the size used for Professional Pool Tournaments.

Be prepared to get some exercise if you play on a 9-foot table! The dynamic of Eightball and other games completely changes on a table of this size, but if you’re practicing to become a pro, there’s no other choice.

Our recommendation: don’t buy a 9-foot table unless you plan on playing professionally. Even amateur tournaments typically use 8-foot tables.